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Ammonium Bichromate

Ammonium Bichromate is an inorganic compound that was popular in classroom science experiments when creating tabletop "volcanoes". The chemical is also used in the photography and lithography industries and as an explosive agent in pyrotechnic displays. The compound reacts violently with strong reducing agents and is often used during the oxidation process of alcohols. As a crystalline solid, Ammonium Bichromate is bright orange red that ignites and burns easily.

Refer to the Ammonium Bichromate MSDS because the chemical compound can cause cancer at certain levels of exposure and duration. It is also corrosive and can cause severe burns and harm to the lungs if inhaled and to the kidneys, and liver if swallowed. Ammonium Bichromate is often used as a technical chemical to manufacture dyes, chrom alum, in the purification of oils and in the leather tanning industry.

  • Molecular Weight - 75.0666 g/mol
  • Chemical Formula - (NH4)2Cr2O7
  • Molar Mass - 252.07 g/mol