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Ammonium Bromide

Ammonium Bromide is a colorless and weak acid that is easily soluble when mixed with water and will gradually turn yellow when exposed to air due to the oxidation properties of the trace bromides (Br) that turn into bromine (Br2). Ammonium Bromide is also soluble in ammonia, acetone, ether, ethanol, and methanol. This makes Ammonium Bromide easy to achieve the desired concentrations as a technical chemical in the preparation of pharmaceuticals.

Other uses for Ammonium Bromide include during the manufacture of films, papers, and plates used in the photography industry, during the in fireproofing of wood, and during engraving processes. Ammonium Bromide has beneficial anticorrosion properties and is used to prevent rust and corrosion of mild steel. As an acidic, Ammonium Bromide presents hazards when handling and caution must be taken to prevent combustion, inhalation, ingestion, and irritation to skin.

Chemical Formula - NH4Br

Density - 2.43 g/cm³