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Ammonium Chloride (Avantor, 3384-20, ACS, 12 KG)

This substance is a solid, forming into small white crystalline particles. It is naturally developing, and it is highly soluble in water. It is odorless and colorless when mixed with water. When used to make a solution, ammonium chloride is slightly acidic. Other names for this chemical include Sal Ammonia and Salmiac.

The most common use for ammonium chloride is to enrich fertilizer with nitrogen. Usually, the crops that use this chemical the most are rice and wheat, derived from Asian countries. Up to 90% of the world’s output of ammonium chloride is for this purpose.

The chemical can also be used as a flux to prepare certain metals to be tin coated, soldered, or galvanized. It can be found in the food industry as either a flavoring agent or to add crispness to certain baked goods.

Ammonium is not especially dangerous to humans except in large, concentrated doses. It acts as an irritant if it enters the eye, and may cause skin irritations if exposed directly to the epidermis. It’s non-flammable, but it does pose an environmental threat if not disposed of properly.

Ammonium Chloride (Avantor 3384)