Ammonium Hydrox - Avantor 5820-15 - 29% FIN 8 PT - Seidler

Ammonium Hydrox (Avantor, 5820-15, 29% FIN 8 PT)

This chemical is the result of the formation of a hydroxy salt in an ammonium ion. It is a colorless, aqueous solution. It produces a strong ammonia like odor, and evaporates relatively fast, producing ammonia vapors. Other names for ammonium hydrox are aqueous ammonia or ammonia solution. The percentage of ammonia can vary depending on the manufacturer. Usually, the highest ratio is 30%.

Ammonium Hydrox can be found in many industries as it works well as a cleaning agent. Commercially, this compound is used in solvents, agricultural chemicals such as herbicides, bleaching agents, wood finishes and stains, and as an oxidizing agent. It is corrosive to most aluminum and copper alloys, as well as galvanized surfaces.

As for consumer products, ammonium hydrox is again found in many cleaners, including those related to textiles, laundry, and lawn and garden equipment.

This substance is hazardous to humans and can cause skin burns as well as redness and inflammation. Inhaling ammonia vapor can irritate the lungs, and exposure to mist particles can damage the eyes and respiratory tract. Overexposure to ammonium hydrox can be fatal.