Ammonium Hydroxide - Avantor 3256-20 - ACS 385LB - Seidler

Ammonium Hydroxide (Avantor 3256-20, ACS, 385LB)

An aqueous solution that is colorless and produces a strong, off-putting odor. Ammonium hydroxide can be found in various percentages, from 1-30%, depending on the manufacturer. It evaporates relatively fast and creates ammonia vapors, which can be irritating to the eyes and lungs.

The most common application for ammonium hydroxide is a cleaning agent. In concentrated doses, it works well as an herbicide and as a solvent for laboratory practices. This chemical can also be found in smaller doses in many household cleaning products.

Industrially speaking, ammonium hydroxide can be used in the formation of some plastics and rubbers, and it works well as a corrosive agent for aluminum and copper alloys. As such, it can also be utilized for etching certain electronics.

Ammonium hydroxide is highly toxic to humans, so limit exposure. Ammonia fumes can cause irritation and redness in the eyes, and coughing fits if inhaled. Ingestion or prolonged exposure can be fatal. Skin contact usually results in a chemical burn.

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