Ammonium Hydroxide - Avantor 3256-45 - ACS 4 Liter - Seidler

Ammonium Hydroxide (Avantor, 3256-45, ACS 4 Liter)

This is a colorless liquid that produces a strong ammonia odor and evaporates into a vapor quickly. You can also find this chemical under the name of strong ammonia, ammonia solution or aqueous ammonia. Content percentages range from 1-30%, depending on the application.

Because ammonium hydroxide is a strong cleaning agent, it can be utilized in a variety of industries for that purpose. Consumer products will usually consist of about 10% ammonia, and it can be found in many household cleaners.

Industrially, ammonium hydroxide is used as a solvent, a bleaching agent, herbicide, and to etch circuit boards. This substance is highly corrosive to copper and aluminum alloys, as well as galvanized metals. Finally, it can be used in the formation of various plastics, rubbers, and fertilizers.

This substance is toxic to humans and can be fatal if ingested. Prolonged exposure to the skin and lungs can also be deadly, so it’s imperative that you wear safety gloves and goggles when handling. As it evaporates, ammonium hydroxide produces ammonia vapors, which can irritate the lungs and the eyes.

Acetone (Ammonium Hydroxide 3256)