Ammonium Hydroxide - Avantor 9721-01 - ACS 500ML - Seidler

Ammonium Hydroxide (Avantor 9721-01, ACS 500ML)

This chemical is formed when ammonia reacts with water in a solution. It is a colorless liquid that emits a strong, foul odor. It is harmful if ingested, and it evaporates quickly so it can also harm the lungs. Other names for this substance include aqueous ammonia and ammonia solution. Usually, the percentage of ammonia present is between 1-30%.

Ammonium hydroxide is highly corrosive to aluminum and copper alloys, making it an ideal etching agent for electronics. Also, it works well as a cleaner for all kinds of industries, including agricultural, food processing, and laboratory work. Industrially, ammonium hydroxide is also used in the formation of various rubbers and plastics.

This chemical can also be found in lower concentrations for consumer use as a cleaning agent. Typically, the percentage will be 10% or less so that the solution will not pose as much of a threat.

This substance is highly toxic to humans in all shapes and forms. If ingested, it can be fatal. Although it is not flammable, it can produce irritation and inflammation to the eyes and lungs if inhaled or if you are exposed to ammonia vapors. Skin contact can lead to burns and redness.