Ammonium Hydroxide - Avantor 9731-03 - CMOS 8PT - Seidler

Ammonium Hydroxide (Avantor 9731-03, CMOS, 8PT)

This colorless aqueous solution produces a strong ammonia odor. It is created when ammonia reacts with water molecules in a solution. Ammonium hydroxide can be found in various concentrations, usually ranging from 1-30%. Other names include aqueous ammonia and ammonia solution.

This substance is most commonly utilized as a cleaning agent for a variety of industries. In food preparation, it can act as an antibacterial solution for cleaning machinery. This chemical can also be used in the formation of various plastics, fertilizers, and rubbers.

As for consumer use, it is usually found in lower concentrations of 10% or below and put into household cleaners. Finally, it can be utilized for various electronic applications as an etching agent, due to its corrosive properties.

Ammonium hydroxide is toxic and can be fatal if ingested. Prolonged exposure to the lungs and skin can also be deadly. Skin contact results in chemical burns, and breathing ammonia vapor can irritate and inflame the lungs. Eye contact can cause redness, swelling, and burning.