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The anhydrone MSDS name is magnesium perchlorate. It can become combustible when exposed to heat or fire for a prolonged period. The most common anhydrone use is as a regenerable drying agent, and can be irritable to mucous membranes when inhaled.

The compound has a molecular weight of 223.197 g/mol. Both the exact and monoisotopic mass are 221.882 g/mol. It has a complexity of 95.8 and a heavy atom count of 11, with a hydrogen bond donor count of zero and a hydrogen bond acceptor count of eight.

It has a boiling point of 482° F (250° C) and a melting point of 483.8° F(251° C). Anhydrone has a density of 2.21 at 68° F and is soluble in water at 993 g/L (25° C).

Anhydrone should not be used with incompatible materials, as it produces products like hydrogen chloride, metallic oxides, and phosgene. Those include phosphorus, strong reducing agents, alcohols, strong acids, ammonia, dimethyl sulfide, and ethylene oxide. Avoid exposure to moisture in the air as it can react violently.