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Antifoams come in two basic forms, organic antifoams, and silicone-based antifoams. Most manufacturers create products with a proprietary combination of the two.

Organic antifoams are synthetic in origin and contain no mineral oil. It can be repeatedly sterilized and can be pumped into fermenters when needed. Organic antifoam is soluble in compounds like ethanol, methanol, toluene, perchloroethylene, xylene, and cold water when the temperature is below 15° C. They have a density of 1.01 g/ml and can be found as a clear, viscous colorless liquid.

The active ingredient in silicone antifoams is a silicone-based polymer with a molecular weight that ranges from 3,200 to 16,500 Da. The particle size can range in size between 10 to 40 microns.

Using antifoaming agents to prevent oil from foaming at the top has been discovered in the past in products like chain-restaurant chicken nuggets. They are also used in fountain drinks and other cold drinks for the same purpose.

Antifoams are also used in the pharmaceutical industry to reduce bloating from medications. They are also common in industrial processes like paint, paper, and wood pulp.