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Antifreeze Ethylene

Antifreeze ethylene is also known as ethylene glycol. It is an organic compound used frequently in the automotive industry. Though it is odorless and colorless, this substance is highly toxic.

The molecular formula for ethylene glycol contains two carbon atoms, six hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms. These are arranged in a chain with two methylene groups (CH2) in the middle flanked by two hydroxides (OH). The compound is a liquid at room temperature and boils at 197 degrees Celsius.

The most common use for this substance is as a coolant or antifreeze in vehicles operated by combustion engines. Its high boiling point helps to preserve it during most operations of such engines. It also has a low freezing point that keeps it from turning into a solid in vehicles that operate in cold weather. A niche application for ethylene involves it in the manufacture of vaccines but it is not present in any actual injections.