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Apple Flavor

Ethyl-2-methyl butyrate is a common compound used to create apple-flavored additives for food. It does occur naturally in apples, strawberries, cheeses, milk, mango, oranges, and other foods. Other common ingredients used to create apple flavoring powder and different types of apple flavoring extract include butyl acetate, cis-3-Hexenyl acetate, and ethyl butyrate.

The molecular weight of ethyl-2-methyl butyrate is 130.187 g/mol. It has a complexity of 88.9, a hydrogen bond donor count of zero and a hydrogen bond acceptor count of two. The monoisotopic and exact mass both weigh in at 130.099 g/mol. Ethyl-2-methyl butyrate has a boiling point of 271.4° F (133° C) and a flash point of 78.998° F (26.11° C).

There is no health risk of consuming ethyl-2-methyl butyrate in food products. Having the skin or eyes exposed to the raw compound can cause irritation and burning. Exposing it to fire can produce corrosive, toxic gases.