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Aromatic Solvents

This is a classification of chemicals. Each aromatic solvent is defined by having a hydrocarbon such as a naphtha, toluene or xylene. Aromatic refers to the fact that these substances produce a strong odor, which is usually slightly sweet or alcoholic. Typically, aromatic solvents are created by distilling crude petroleum stock in a variety of ways. A few examples of aromatic solvents include benzene, chlorobenzene, and tetralin.

Aromatic solvents are utilized for a variety of purposes across numerous industries. For the most part, they can be found in paints, varnishes, adhesives, and as an intermediate in certain chemicals. They can also be used as thinners and diluents and can be found in some types of cleaning agents.

Although there is some variation among these solvents, most of them are flammable and slightly toxic. Since they produce strong vapors, they must be handled with care, which includes breathing masks and gloves. Inhalation of these fumes can cause dizziness, and ingestion can be harmful.