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Arsenic Trioxide Powder

Arsenic trioxide powder resembles sugar in appearance and has no associated taste or odor. That makes it difficult to detect hazardous concentrations of it in the air. It absorbs slowly through the skin, but is easy to inhale or ingest. It can be created by heating elemental metallic arsenic to a high temperature.

The compound has a molecular weight of 198.84 g/mol. It has a boiling point of 869° F (465° C) and a melting point of 594° F (312° C). Arsenic trioxide solubility is low in both alcohol and water. It is soluble in diluted hydrogen chloride solutions.

Arsenic trioxide is used in treating cancers like leukemia that don’t respond to the initial round of drugs used. It is generally only brought in as a second line of defense due to the toxic nature of arsenic.