Bakerbond® Speedisk Oil/Grease Distributor & Supplier - Seidler

Bakerbond® Speedisk Oil/Grease

The oil and grease extraction disk helps maximize absorption, capacity, and SPE speed and can be used with hydrocarbons that are either slightly polar or nonpolar. It combines a particular laminar configuration with a thin layer of Bakerbond sorbent that allows for the testing of groundwater, drinking water, solid waste, wastewater, or process streams.

The component comes pre assembled, with rigid baffle and support to assist in maximizing laminar flow. That allows for better filtration, resists clogging, and helps maximize total capacity, speed, and absorption.

There is a minimum amount of glassware required. Set-up, time, and assembly can also be quickly completed. Using the device minimizes any impacts of extractable compounds and reduces run times of an SPE.