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Battery Acid

Battery acid refers to the mixture of toxic chemicals that make up the liquids in a car battery. The liquid medium stores and transfers ions in the solution so the vehicle’s electrical system works properly.

The most popular chemical medium for battery acid includes a 30 to 50 percent mixture of sulfuric acid (H2SO4). The concentration of the sulfuric acid solution before it is put into the battery is around 29 to 32 percent. The pH of the acid is 0.8, which makes it one of the most acidic substances on Earth.

Battery acid’s toxicity is one reason why car batteries are so heavy. There is a lot of shielding to prevent the battery acid from leaking into the rest of the vehicle. Battery acid may corrode the terminals of the battery, and that could cause problems with recharging the battery through the alternator. A leaking car battery should be replaced immediately because it can corrode other parts of the vehicle.