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A yellowish, clear liquid with a boiling point of 356 degrees Fahrenheit (180 °C) and a freezing point of -103 degrees Fahrenheit (-75 Celsius), benzyldimethylamide is used as a catalyst in making polyurethane foams, as an initiator during epoxy resin production and as an epoxy resin accelerator in electrical equipment laminates.

Benzyldimethylamide is also a catalyst for ultraviolet curing of products made from styrene polyester and for glycolic acid lactide polymerization. Dyes, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals benefit from using benzyldimethylamide as an intermediate chemical during synthesis of these products.

When heated until it decomposes, benzyldimethylamide produces hydrogen cyanide, ammonia and oxides of nitrogen and carbon. Incompatible with hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and other acidic materials, benzyldimethylamide should not be mixed with powerful oxidizing agents. Exothermic reactions could occur. Never expose benzyldimethylamide or its vapors to flame or heat.