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Bismuth Trichloride

Bismuth Trichloride, which is known by its formula of BiCl3, was first prepared and discovered by Boyle in the year 1664, and the later by Poli in the year 1713. They discovered the compound by heating a mixture of mercuric chloride and bismuth, and the reaction ended up producing the compound. Additionally, there are some who believe that the compound may also be obtained through a direct union of all of the present elements. The action of hydrochloric acid when set in conjunction with bismuth in an aerated space will produce the mixture, much like concentrated hydrochloric acid put on bismuth trioxide will also result in the same mixture.

The compound itself forms a white and opaque mass that can be easily crystallised by sublimation, with the mass darkening when exposed to light. Its melting point is at two hundred and thirty two Celsius, and the density varies according to the temperature.