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Blue Color, FD&C

FD&C Blue is an artificial food coloring used to color candies, beverages, icings and many other types of foods, cosmetics and drugs. It may also be used to tint paper boards or plain paper food packaging materials. Blue Color, FD&C is combined with Yellow No. 5 FD&C to produce green food coloring.

Dissolving readily in water, Blue Color, FD&C is available in an insoluble form called aluminum lake. Manufacturing processes involving condensation reactions between α-(N-ethylanilino)-m-toluenesulfonic acid and benzaldehyde-o-sulfonic acid will synthesize Blue Color, FD&C. This blue coloring is also stable over a wide ph range.

The World Health Organization reports that an acceptable (safe) daily intake of Blue Color, FD&C is about 12.5 kg/mg (only as a food coloring/additive). In 2003, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration sent a Public Health Advisory to healthcare providers about possible toxicity associated with Blue Color No. 1 FD&C being used in enteral feeding solutions. Doctors no longer tint enteral feeding solutions with Blue Color FD&C for the purpose of visually detecting lung aspiration.