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Blueberry Flavor

Blueberry extract for flavoring food is typically free of gluten, sugar and propylene glycol. Blueberry flavor can be added to jellies/jams, ice cream, bakery goods, candies and alcoholic drinks. Blueberry extracts are often suspended in alcohol and work best in foods that are cooked or baked.

According to the U.S. FDA, if blueberry (or any other fruit) flavoring is deemed "natural" it is either the essence, essential oil, distillate or protein hydrolysate derived from heating, enzymolysis or roasting of blueberries. Natural blueberry flavoring contains only the constituents of the fruit responsible for giving the fruit its unique taste. Additionally, there is some research studies suggesting blueberry extract flavoring may provide antioxidant benefits supporting skin, circulatory system and nervous system health.

Flavorings determined as "artificial" do not meet the FDA's criteria for natural blueberry flavoring. For example, an artificial blueberry flavoring may be made of a proprietary chemical formula owned by the company creating the flavor. In fact, food flavoring companies hire experts to create unique flavors using only FDA-approved ingredients.