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Burnishing Compound

Burnishing compounds increase the effectiveness of buffer and polishing wheels. Some, called rouge compounds, are coarser and meant to remove cuts and other imperfections from surfaces. Others, called Tripoli compounds, are gentler and give metals a polished finish.

It is best that any burnishing compound contains cleaning and oxidation prevention agents. Buyers should also look for qualities indicating whether the burnishing compound is biodegradable, the pH levels, and its compatibility with specific materials.

There are a variety of burnishing compounds from which to choose. Some have an acidic makeup, while others use an alkaline mixture. Check for the level of foaming produced and whether it is free rinsing, meaning it leaves no residue behind. Non-chelated compounds should be used for waste treatment.

Burnishing compounds are often used in wastewater treatment systems. They are also used in vibratory finishing equipment, industrial parts dryers, material handling systems, engineered systems, and industrial parts washers.