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Butanesulfonic Acid

Butanesulfonic acid, also called butane-1-sulfonic acid, is a conjugate acid of butane-1 sulfonate. It’s alkyl group, butyl, ties directly to the sulfo functionality. It is often found in products used for pest control purposes.

The molecular weight of butanesulfonic acid is 138.19 g/mol. It has a hydrogen bond donor count of one, a hydrogen bond acceptor count of three, and a rotatable bond count of three. It has an exact and monoisotopic mass of 138.035065 g/mol. The heavy atom count of butanesulfonic acid is 8. It also has a complexity of 130 and is a canonicalized compound.

Butanesulfonic acid has a melting point of 4.64 °F (-15.2 °C) and a boiling point of 280.4 °F (138 °C). It is incompatible with potent oxidizing agents or bases. It should be treated as a harmful chemical when it contacts the skin or eyes.

Other related compounds to butanesulfonic acid include acetylphosphate, butyric acid, and choline hydrogen sulfate.