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Butyl Acetate

Butyl acetate, which is also known as butyl ethanoate, is a common organic compound that is utilized as a solvent in the creation of various lacquers and other related products. It is colorless and flammable and available in liquid form. The compound itself is typically found in a wide variety of fruits, where, in addition to the desired chemical properties, it imparts several unique and distinct characteristic flavors. It usually has the smell of banana or apple.

In addition to its industrial uses, the compound is often utilized as a synthetic flavoring for many sweet foods, such as cheeses, ice cream, candy, and different baked goods. In addition to its creation in various chemical and industrial sectors, these compounds occur frequently in nature. Most apples, especially those of the redder variety, contain large amounts of this chemical, giving them their distinct flavor. It is also found in a variety of honeys.