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Butyl Acrylate

Butyl Acrylate is derived from the formal condensation of a butan-1-ol and an acrylic acid. It is known as an acrylate ester. The compound can typically be found as a clear colorless liquid with a distinct odor. It is often found in paints, caulks, coatings, adhesives, and sealants. It is also found in textile products like warp sizings, fibers, thickeners, and back coat formulations.

The molecular weight of butyl acrylate is 128.17 g/mol. It has a hydrogen bond donor count of zero, a hydrogen bond acceptor count of two, and a rotatable bond count of five. It has an exact and monoisotopic mass of 128.08373 g/mol. The heavy atom count of butyl acrylate is nine. It also has a complexity of 97.1 and is a canonicalized compound.

Butyl acrylate has a boiling point of 295 °F (146.11°C) and a melting point of -84.3 °F (-64.61 °C). It also has a flashpoint of 120 °F (48.9 °C) and is soluble in water at 0.14 g/100 mL.