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Butyl Alcohol Normal

Belonging to the group of fusel alcohols, n-Butanol (also known as n-butyl alcohol or normal butanol) is used in small quantities as an artificial flavoring in cream, butter, whiskey, ice cream, rum, candy, cordials, and baked goods. Industrially, n-Butanol is used in vast quantities to manufacture butyl acetate (also an artificial flavoring agent), and is extracted from the industrial feedstock propylene. Commercially, n-Butanol is used in perfumes as a solvent in the extraction essential oils necessary to produce fragrances. Furthermore, it is also used in the manufacture of antibiotics, vitamins, and hormone supplements. As a solvent, it is used in paints, natural resins, coatings, gums, dyes, synthetic resins, camphor and alkaloids. The textile industry uses n-Butanol as a swelling agent, while the automotive industry uses it as a component of hydraulic brake fluids, cleaning formulations, degreasers, and repellants. Additionally, n-Butanol is also used as a component of ore flotation agents in the mining industry, and in preservation treatment for wood.