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The cosmetic industry makes use of this organic white solid as an effective antimicrobial preservative, while the pharmaceutical and food industries use it both a suspension for fluids and as a flavoring additive. Butyl Parabens 0can be extracted from naturally occurring sources such as fruits and vegetables, as well as barley, flax seed, and grapes. It is also used in very low concentrations in both liquid and tablet forms of acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Almost all production of butylparaben is industrial, and is accomplished via the esterification of 4-hydroxybenzoic acid with 1-butanol with a catalyst such as sulfuric acid. Butylparaben is currently the most common bactericides/fungicides in modern cosmetics, and has been in use commercially since approximately 1924. It possesses a very low toxicity to humans, and is present in over 20,000 cosmetic products worldwide. Butylparaben has even more applications in the medical and pharmaceutical industries due its utility as a preservative in both foods and drugs.