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Calcium Acetate

Calcium acetate is a calcium salt derived from acetic acid. The compound is usually given orally to patients as a treatment for calcium deficiency. Calcium acetate’s phosphate-binding properties make it ideal for treating hyperphosphatemia.

The molecular weight of calcium acetate is 426.34 g/mol. It has a hydrogen bond donor count of eight, a hydrogen bond acceptor count of 14, and a rotatable bond count of four. Calcium acetate has an exact and monoisotopic mass of 426.032246 g/mol. The heavy atom count of calcium acetate is 27. It also has a complexity of 232 and is a canonicalized compound.

Calcium acetate has no boiling point. It does have a melting point of 320°F (160°C). Calcium acetate is soluble in water and only slightly soluble in alcohol. It is essentially insoluble in acetone and benzene.

It is often used during the process of tanning, dyeing, and curing skins. Calcium acetate is also used as a food stabilizer, an inhibitor in corrosion, and an antifoam additive in many modern types of antifreeze.