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Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) has a variety of industrial applications. The substance is primarily used in construction, specifically as a raw ingredient for building materials including cement. It is also typically used in roads, the purification of iron, and as part of the drilling fluid in the oil industry. Consumer applications include the substance's use in products as varied as blackboard chalk and diapers, with the compound also showing up in items like paint, latex gloves and ceramic glaze.

In addition to its industrial uses, this substance is also commonly used in the healthcare industry. Its most common use is as a primary ingredient in antacids, with a secondary role as a filler and as a calcium supplement in other roles. It is also a fairly common food additive, especially in foodstuffs that replace calcium-rich foods (e.g., soy or almond milk). The carbonate is also widely used to counter acidity in natural settings.

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