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Calcium Gluconate

Calcium Gluconate is a helpful mineral substance that is created when a manufacturer neutralizes gluconic acid with calcium carbonate or lime. The World Health Organization states that this is one of the most helpful substances for medical purposes. Although it used to be used to treat Black Widow Spider bites, it has since been proven ineffective at doing so.

A very common reason that this chemical is used nowadays is to treat burns caused by hydrochloric acid by rendering it insoluble, thus stopping the process of burning. It is also used to treat people who have hyperkalemia by lowering the chance that cardiac arrhythmia will develop.

A person who has accidentally overdosed on magnesium sulfate will also find that this is an effective treatment, stopping the side effects and keeping the person safe until medical help can arrive. As with any chemical it is wise not to overdose on this as there are certain side effects, but using it carefully can keep this from happening.