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Calcium Hydroxide

Commonly referred to as slaked lime, calcium hydroxide is a colorless crystal or fine powder produced by combining calcium oxide (calcined [burned] calcium carbonate) and water. Other synonyms for this compound are hydrated lime, caustic lime, builders’ lime, slack lime, cal, or pickling lime. Calcium hydroxide is used in numerous industrial, commercial, and consumer applications from concrete mixing to food preparation. Among its many uses, calcium hydroxide is used as a flocculant in water and sewage treatment to aid in the removal of particulates from water, improving its clarity. Calcium hydroxide is also used to increase the pH of water in pipes to prevent corrosion in places where the water base has a higher acidity. Additionally, it is used in mass quantities in the paper industry as an intermediate in sodium hydroxide production. Food manufacturers use calcium hydroxide to clarify raw sugarcane and sugar beet juice, process water for use in alcoholic beverages, and to pickle cucumbers and other vegetables.