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Calcium Hypochlorite

Calcium Hypochlorite is a water soluble, bleaching agent. Its consistency is thick and it is yellowish in color. The chemical agent is powerful and effective against almost all types of bacteria and other hazardous microbes.

Its primary use is for a variety of water treatments. It is used to disinfect drinking water and is also used to cleanse waste water and is a common treatment for swimming pools and spas. It is a solution that contains lime and basic chloride. This agent is also used in a variety of household products, such as household disinfectants, bathroom cleaners and weed killers.

Those handling this compound must be extremely careful. Persons should wear gloves and proper eye protection when handling this substance. This agent is known to "self-heat" and can undergo rapid decomposition. To preserve this chemical it is recommended to keep it in its proper container in a cool, dry place.