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Calcium Oxide

Calcium oxide is a chemical that is found in a white crystalline solid form. It is produced from limestone primarily, though it also can be produced as a result of heating chalk, seashells, or coral. The transformation of limestone into calcium oxide is one of the oldest chemical transformations that has been conducted. The modern commercial name that is used for this chemical is lime. This is a chemical which is found abundantly in the Earth's crust.

There are numerous uses of lime, due to the many properties which is exhibits. Some of the oldest uses have taken advantage of the fact that it reacts with carbon dioxide to produce calcium carbonate. Commercially, mortar to place between stones, bricks and blocks has been created by mixing lime together with sand and water. Glass also is created from silica sand sodium carbonate mixing together with lime. The property of lime which makes it moldable while it is cooling makes it an excellent material for this purpose.