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Calcium Propionate

Calcium propionate is a common food additive that is the calcium salt of propanoic acid. The preservative is used in various baked goods to extend the life of baked goods and prevent the formation of mold and bacteria.

The molecular weight of calcium propionate is 186.22 g/mol. It has a hydrogen bond donor count of zero, a hydrogen bond acceptor count of four, and a rotatable bond count of zero. Calcium propionate has an exact and monoisotopic mass of 186.0205 g/mol. The heavy atom count of calcium propionate is three. It also has a complexity of 34.6 and is a canonicalized compound.

Calcium propionate decomposes when heated. It does have a melting point of 572°F (300°C). Calcium propionate is soluble in water and slightly soluble in methanol and ethanol. It is essentially insoluble in acetone and benzene and completely insoluble in alcohol.

Other uses for calcium propionate outside of foods is as a mold inhibitor in tobacco and pharmaceuticals. It is also used to improve the processability and scorching resistance of butyl rubber.