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Calcium Pyruvate

Calcium Pyruvate it the stable, calcium salt derived from pyruvate (which is very unstable and oxidizes easily). Calcium Pyruvate is an odorless, crystalline powder with a near neutral pH balance and a chemical formula of C6H6CaO6. In its natural form in the environment, the organic compound is a colorless liquid that has a sharp and powerful odor. Calcium Pyruvate is often used as a raw material in the processing of food additives and pharmaceuticals. Calcium Pyruvate is present in small quantities in many of the foods we consume including dark beer, apples, red wine, and cheese.

Calcium Pyruvate is also manufactured as a weight loss supplement and marketed as having the ability to increase metabolism, aid in the digestion of carbs, and motivate the body to burn fat as an energy source while maintaining muscle mass. Athletes take Calcium Pyruvate supplements during training to increase their capacity for physical exertion.