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Calcium Stearate´╗┐ Uses

Calcium stearate is a waxy white powder found in many surfactants and some lubricants. It is sold commercially in the form of a dried powder, spray, or one-half dispersion in water.

Some of the most common Calcium Stearate uses include:

  • Calcium Stearate in food as an additive (known as generic E number "E470")
  • Flow agent in powders
  • Hard candy surface conditioner
  • Waterproofing agent for fabrics
  • Crayon and pencil lubricant

Common industries of use:

Concrete industry: Calcium stearate is also utilized heavily in the concrete industry as an efflorescent agent to control cementitious products used to produce blocks and pavers, in addition to waterproofing.

Paper industry: Used as a lubricant to ensure adequate surface gloss, thereby preventing fold cracks and surface dusting.

Plastics industry: Used as an acid neutralizer, release agent, lubricant, and plastic colorant concentrator.

Pharma Industry: It is used in pharmaceuticals and personal care products as a gelling and antitack agent. In addition, calcium stearate often serves as a tablet mold release agent in these arenas.

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