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Carbolic Acid

Called phenol by chemists, carbolic acid is an aromatic organic compound. A white crystalline solid and volatile, it requires careful handling due to its tendency to cause chemical burns. Originally extracted from coal tar, carbolic acid is produced on a mass scale from petroleum in the contemporary era. Its primary industrial use is producing plastics and similar materials, and some derivatives of carbolic acid are used in the production of herbicides and pharmaceutical drugs. As an inexpensively produced compound, carbolic acid is often used as an antiseptic, especially in carbolic soap (sometimes called coal tar soap). It is also used in industrial applications for paint strippers and solvents to remove epoxy, polyurethane, and chemically resistant coatings. Carbolic acid is also an active ingredient in oral analgesics to help sooth sore throats and chapped lips. It is highly toxic to humans in concentrated amounts, but small doses can be mildly beneficial, and small concentrations of carbolic acid can even be found in naturally occurring compounds such as castoreum.