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Carbon Activated

More commonly known as activated or active charcoal, activated carbon is processed in order to possess lower-volume, smaller pores that increase the surface area capable of adsorption or chemical reactions. Activated carbon is typically extracted from wood-based charcoal, though there are activated forms derived from coal and coke that are referred to as activated coal and activated coke. Industrially, activated carbon is used in metal finishing, specifically for water purification used in the electroplating process by removing organic impurities. In medicine, activated carbon is used to treat poisoning and overdoses that occur via oral ingestion. In some places in the world, activated charcoal is also used as an over the counter drug to treat bowel and gastrointestinal issues such as indigestion, flatulence, and diarrhea. Chemists use a 50 percent solution of activated carbon with celite during the stationary phase of low-pressure chromatographic separation of carbohydrates, combining them with ethanol solutions during the mobile phase.