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Carbon Disulfide

Carbon disulfide is a versatile chemical with a wide range of industrial usage. It appears in its liquid form at room temperature but has a low boiling point of 46.24°C and a kindling point of just 102°C. The pure substance is volatile, colorless, and ether-like in smell. It cannot be dissolved in water but it is soluble in chloroform, ether, ethanol, benzene, and other organic solvents.

This chemical is commonly used by manufacturing companies in the creation of electronic vacuum tubes, carbon tetrachloride, cellophane film, and viscose rayon. It is also an effective solvent for substances like runner, asphalt, resins, iodine, selenium, fats, bromine, sulfur and phosphorous. The agriculture industry utilizes it as an insecticide to protect their harvests and containers. They load it up when fumigating grain elevators, cereal mills, storage warehouses, shipholds and barges. They use it to conserve fresh fruits and keep the soil free from harmful insects.