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Carbon Nuchar®

Carbon Nuchar® is a proprietary activated carbon product available in power or granular form. It is a highly porous material that is derived from high carbon content products such as wood, coal, coconut husks, and lignite. The product has excellent adsorption properties, and for this reason, powder activated charcoal is used in wastewater treatment for large surface decontamination of drinking water supplies. The tiny grains of carbon in Carbon Nuchar® will naturally bind with organic toxins, removing unwanted color, odor, and taste from solutions.

Carbon Nuchar® is an FDA-approved, food grade quality activated carbon used to purify the processing of many items including corn syrups, wines, juices, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and pharmaceuticals. It is most economical for batch processing to achieve the manufacturer's goals for color and purity with a minimum of process equipment.