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This family of related phosphoproteins is most commonly found in mammalian milk, and composes 80% of cow’s milk proteins and 20%-45% of the proteins in human milk. Deriving its name from the latin word for cheese, casein is naturally a major component in creating cheese, as well as use as a food additive, and as a binder for safety matches. Casein is also an excellent source of amino acids, carbohydrates, and both essential minerals calcium and phosphorus. Apart from food, casein also has many industrial applications. For example, casein paint dries fast, cleans up with water, and is commonly used by many artists and painters. Used since the time of the Pharaohs as a form of tempera paint, and was the first choice among commercial illustrators until the introduction of acrylics in the late 1960s. Casein is also used in glues and adhesives popular among woodworkers, and casein-based glues still have many applications commercially such as laminating fireproof doors and adhesive on labeling adhesive.