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Caustic Soda Pels®

Another form of sodium hydroxide used primarily in the textile industry, caustic soda pellets are used to help set dyes in numerous synthetic and natural fibers, though they also see extensive use in agricultural industries and food industries as well. Hominy, or dried corn kernels, is reconstituted by soaking it in a solution of water and caustic soda. This process causes the kernels to expand considerably, allowing the resultant rehydrated kernels to be ground for grits or fried in order to produce corn nut snacks. German style pretzels are also poached in a boiling caustic soda solution before they are baked, giving them a unique crust. Caustic soda pellets are much easier to store in quantity than in powdered or solid form, and are much safer to handle provided they are stored in a sealed airtight container and not exposed to water. Protective gloves should be worn when working with any aqueous solution of caustic  soda, as prolonged exposure can cause severe chemical burns to exposed skin.