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Celite® by its common name is diatomaceous earth. Naturally occurring, soft, siliceous sedimentary rock comprises these deposits. Easily crumbling into a fine white powder, this substance consists of microscopic, hollow particles. These particles are typically 10-100 micrometers in size. The nature of these deposits leads to a high porosity and low density. Generally, the chemical compound Celite® consists of 80-90 percent silica, 2-4 percent alumina (clay materials) and 0.5-2 percent iron oxide.

This compound is used for filtration to capture fine particles that would pass through or clog other filters such as filter paper. Swimming pools, fish tanks and drinking water filter through this porous material. Celite® also works as a mild abrasive in products such as toothpaste, facial scrubs and metal polishes. In granulated form, Celite® is used for packaging. Other applications include low-risk insecticides, a non-caking agent in livestock and poultry feed, and in livestock nutrition research.