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Chlorobenzene Acs

When it comes to this chemical, there are definitely plenty of uses and applications for it as well and it’s important to understand the makeup behind it as well. This chemical has a formula weight of 112.56 and the density is 1.106. Additionally, this chemical comes in a liquid form and has a melting point of -45 degrees and a boiling point of around 132 degrees. It is miscible with methanol and diethyl ether but it is immiscible with water.

This chemical is used in dyestuffs and organic synthesis and can also be used as a solvent for things such as adhesives, drugs, rubber, dry cleaning, paints and other things in the textile processing business. This chemical is also extremely flammable and will react violently with oxidising agents and even sometimes plastic, rubber and coating. It should be stored in a tightly closed contains and away from any possible frames.