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Chlorobenzene (C6H5Cl) is a chemical compound made of a benzene ring of carbon atoms surrounded by five hydrogen atoms and one chlorine atom. It is a colorless to yellowish liquid at room temperature with an almond-like odor. Its flashpoint is 84 degrees Fahrenheit, which means that’s the point chlorobenzene gives off enough vapor to ignite in the air. Therefore, anyone should handle chlorobenzene with care. Vapors of chlorobenzene are heavier than air.

Chlorobenzene is essentially insoluble in water due to its tight carbon-hydrogen bonds. This chemical is denser than water, which indicates several substances can float on top of a layer of chlorobenzene.

This chemical serves as an ingredient for dyes and pesticides. Industrial companies used chlorobenzene to make diisocyanate compounds. Chlorobenzene also serves as a degreaser for automobile engine parts. In general, chlorobenzene is an intermediate between two chemicals, a process regulator and a solvent for various chemical reactions.