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Known systematically as trichloromethane, this organic compound is a colorless dense liquid that possesses a sweet aroma. Chloroform is massed produced primarily due to its critical nature as a precursor to PTFE, but it is historically well known (or infamous depending on the historian) for its use as a general anesthetic. Due to the lethal potential for overdose however, using chloroform as a surgical general anesthetic was discontinued in 1932. It is naturally occurring in certain species of seaweed, though almost all chloroform produced today is generated industrially via a combination of heated chlorine chloromethane or methane. Further chlorination of chloroform during this process is also used to produce the chlorinated solvent carbon tetrachloride. Chloroform is also used as a solvent to dissolve fats, oils, rubber, alkaloids, waxes, gutta-percha (dental compound), and numerous varieties of resins. It is possible to synthesize chloroform accidentally with household cleaners that contain bleach and acetone or alcohol, so it is essential not to intentionally or accidentally combine these products as the fumes have a potent anesthetic effect.