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Citric Acid liquid and 50% liquid

A weak organic tricarboxylic acid, citric acid is found naturally in citrus fruits such as oranges, limes, and lemons. Integral to the citric acid metabolic cycle of all aerobic organisms, citric acid is manufactured in mass quantities of more than a million tons a year due to its extensive use as food acidifier, and as a flavoring and chelating agent. It is also used to produce citrates, otherwise known as the salts, esters, and polyatomic anions typically found in its liquid form. Salts are referred to as trisodium citrate and esters as triethyl citrate. Over the past two centuries, citric acid has been mass extracted from citrus fruits and a species of mold fed on sucrose/glucose to generate calcium citrate, which is then combined with diluted sulfuric acid isolate citric acid. This particular form is a solution of citric acid that is more readily added to beverages and other liquid solutions for increased miscibility.