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Citric Acid

One of the most common organically occurring natural acids is citric acid. Known for the sour taste it imparts in natural and manufactured foods, it is found in lemons, oranges, limes and a variety of other vegetables and fruits. It is also sold as a processed white powder derived from metabolizing Aspergillus mold, which is the source of citric acid found in certain processed foods and drinks.

Citric acid is used in candies and sodas to balance out their sugar content. This ingredients also makes the drink more refreshing and boosts candy fruit flavors when used in small amounts.

In addition, citric acid is frequently added as a food preservative. Used in home canning to prevent bacteria growth and oxidation, it keeps fruit looking and tasting great.

Citric acid enhances flavors, prevents food from going bad, and is an excellent pH adjuster. Food wouldn't be the same without it.

Citric acid is used in soaps to create a gentler soap with lower pH, better foam and water-softening properties.