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Cupric Oxide Powder (Avantor 1814-R ACS 100 LB)

This black solid is valued for its qualities as a stable copper oxide, and in mineral form is referred to as tenorite and paramelaconite. Much of the cupric oxide powder produced around the world is a result of copper mining. Large scale production of cupric acid implements pyrometallurgy to extract copper from ores before treating them with an aqueous mixture of ammonium carbonate, ammonia, and oxygen, producing Cu (I) and Cu (II) amine complexes that are extracted from the copper solids. The resultant complexes are then decomposed via steam treatment to produce cupric oxide. Cupric oxide is often dissolved using hydrochloric, sulfuric, and nitric acid to produce copper salts. In fact, the majority of cupric oxide is used for producing copper salts, as well as manufacturing wood preservatives, adding pigment to ceramic glazes, and when welding copper alloys. It is also extremely effective for safely disposing of hazardous materials such as halogenated hydrocarbons, cyanide, hydrocarbons, and dioxins via an oxidation process.

Cupric Oxide Powder (Avantor 1814)