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Cyanuric Acid

With a wide variety of synonyms, Cyanuric acid is an industrially useful chemical that is a precursor or component to various bleaches, disinfectants, and herbicides. White and odorless, cyanuric acid is the cyclic trimer of cyanic acid, which is an exceptionally rare acid. The original method of synthesis was to thermally decompose urea and uric acid, though in modern manufacturing processes it is produced via thermal decomposition of urea alone at 175 degrees C, releasing ammonia as a byproduct. Cyanuric acid then crystallizes from water as a dihydrate. The primary commercial use of cyanuric acid is as a chlorine stabilizer in swimming pools, as it possesses the ability to bind free chlorine and release it over time, extending the length of time before additional sanitizer is needed. It is also an essential precursor of N-chlorinated cyanurates used to disinfect water, and as a crosslinking agent in polyurethane resins for finishes and plastics.