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Primarily used in the industrial manufacture of adipic acid and caprolactam for nylon production, cyclohexane is colorless, flammable, and possessed of a detergent-like odor,  mostly due to its inclusion in various cleaning products.While cyclohexane is typically non-reactive, it can undergo catalytic oxidation in order to produce cyclohexanone and cyclohexanol, a mixture more commonly referred to as KA oil. It is this KA oil that provides the raw materials necessary to synthesize the nylon precursors adipic acid and caprolactam. Cyclohexane is also used in various forms of correctional fluid products, and in laboratory settings it is occasionally used as a non-polar organic solvent. Synthesis of cyclohexane is typically accomplished on a mass scale via hydrogenation of benzene. As nylon is used in mass manufacturing of textiles, plastics, and numerous other industrial and commercial manufacturing processes, cyclohexane production worldwide is essential to the continued production of many industrial, commercial, and household goods.